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Eat More Greens

Published in 2023 by Hardie Grant UK

Photographer Kirstie Young


Introduce more plants into every meal with over 65 quick, easy and exciting recipes.

We all know that we need to eat more fruit and veg as part of a varied diet, but how many of us get stuck in a rut steaming broccoli or frying up some peppers for the same, old, boring meals? With Eat More Greens, learn how to incorporate fruit and vegetables into breakfast, lunch and dinner in new and exciting ways.

Dishes include a Matcha Smoothie, Korean-inspired Kimchi Rice, Rocky Road and even Lamb Meatballs, proving healthy meals don’t have to be boring.

Recipes are short on the page but go far when it comes to flavour profile and nutritional health, making a point of flagging how many plants are used in each (spoiler alert: every one of the 65 dishes contains at least four different, delicious greens).

Featuring family favourites, one-pot suppers, tasty traybakes and super smoothies, Eat More Greens isn’t about turning you into a vegetarian, but just making sure that you eat enough plants to improve your overall health.

Natural Remedies for Women's Health

Published in 2020 by Hardie Grant

Photographer Deirdre Rooney

Natural Remedies for Women s Health brings you plant-based solutions to everyday ailments, harnessing the power of the organic world to keep you well.

Discover teas, tonics, smoothies, tinctures and salves to rebalance and restore your body and mind naturally. Try a Bloat Relief Tea, an Uplifting Mood Oil or a Glowing Skin Smoothie - all made in your own home with healing herbs and natural ingredients.

Featuring 100 easy recipes, this book is designed to empower you with a deeper understanding of your own body, providing you with the tools you need to support it to heal itself.


Breakfast: Morning Noon and Night
Published in March 2015 by Hardie Grant

Photographer: Danielle Wood

Long, lazy breakfasts and brunches have become the hottest meal of the week. In Breakfast: Morning, Noon and Night, Fern Green encourages readers to enjoy their most-loved meal at any time of the day. Covering all the morning favourites, and often adding an indulgent or inspired twist, she shares recipes for sweet and savoury dishes that you won't be able to confine to just the morning hours. Simple but satisfying, and super easy to prepare, these recipes will suit any time of day.

Try smoked salmon and eggs served with quinoa crackers, apple, sorrel and crispy capers; cheese on toast gets upgraded to griddled halloumi served with basil, tomato and ciabatta; and waffles get a delicious side of maple and blueberry butter. Fern also takes inspiration from breakfasts with more exotic flavor combinations, such as the Adai Indian crepe with coconut chutney, and Mexican corn and zucchini hash with fried egg.

These mouth-watering dishes show how you can make breakfast favorites work at any time of the day: serve bacon and egg puffs as a canapé, the breakfast burger for a lunch gathering, and fruit muffins as afternoon tea. Banana pancakes double as a delectable dessert, and eggs with black-eyed beans and salsa are the perfect dinner for one. This book really will be indispensible for morning, noon or night.

The Mocktail Manual.

Published in 2016 by Hardie Grant

In The Mocktail Manual, Fern Green shares over 90 of the world's tastiest alcohol-free drinks, including smoothies, punches, juices, mocktails, energizers and more. So whether you re trying to detox, lose weight, fancy a hot drink to dispel the winter blues, or find yourself the designated driver for the night, there s a recipe for you.

Why not switch your morning cereal for an energizing Green Turbo Juice or an oaty Breakfast Smoothie, which can be made the night before? If you ve had one hangover too many, change your tipple to a refreshing Spring Pea and Elderflower or if you fancy a warm hug in a mug, look no further than the devilishly delicious Hot Chocolate Peanut Butter. Filled with equal parts healthy and naughty drinks, you can fix a Green Chia Seed Pick-Me-Up if you re feeling worthy, or a full-fat Cake Mix Shake if you re feeling bad.

Fern will show how, with limited kitchen tools and a few ingredients, you really can fix some spectacular virgin drinks. Stylish and fun, The Mocktail Manual will change the way you drink.

Mocktail Manual.jpg


Published in 2017 by Hardie Grant

Photographer Jacqui Melville

Everyone loves a melted cheese sandwich - they are cheap, quick and easy to make, and don't involve much cooking skills or special equipment. This book includes over 50 imaginative and delicious toasted sandwiches, perfect for hurried dinners, tight budgets, quick snacks or when you just don't feel like cooking a big meal.Featuring a list of tasty bread suggestions, from filling sourdoughs and seeded multigrain to sweet brioche and fruity loaves, grilled sandwiches don't need to be boring. Try a Bacon, guacamole and cheddar, Pulled pork and cheese or Corned beef with wholegrain mustard and gruyere. Meat-free delights include a Beetroot, rocket and goat's cheese and a game-changing Kimchi and stilton that is to die for.They don't all have to include cheese, either! A toasted Curry and mango chutney sandwich and a Peanut butter and honey will change the way you view this humble comfort food. And yes, there's a whole section on sweet sandwiches that will have you drooling: Blueberries, honey and cream cheese, a Raspberry, Nutella and mascarpone, and, the most decadent of all, Roasted strawberries, brie and dark chocolate.Melted, grilled and piping-hot: it's the only way you'll want to eat a sandwich again.

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