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Come and join us in Bath in January for a fantastic plant boosting workshop situated in a beautiful kitchen in Bath in the area of Bear Flat.


Learn how to work with seasonal veg, how to create big flavours, and use what you have in your cupboard

Discover the short cuts of batch cooking, how it can bring more efficiency in the kitchen and clever ways to use your fridge and freezer

Using a variety of grains can help cram in a rainbow of plant foods, find out in this fun hands-on cooking workshop.

Join us for a fantastic morning of healthy hacks to get your January started with a boost.


When - 25 January 2023 - 9.45am to 12.45pm

Where - Bear Flat, Bath, UK

One Session - £65.00  per person

25 January 2023 - Seasonal Veg, Batch Cooking and Grains

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